Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the temptations of LLVM

I'm still plugging away at the parser and vm for the python-like-language.

But in another window I have the language reference for LLVM open, and as I browse through it I'm becoming increasingly distracted. There are many wonderful snacks - things like add with overflow detection, intrinsic functions like memmove, nice floating-point and vector insn support, atomic swap operations, etc...

An interesting aspect of LLVM is that it doesn't really support a register model. Instead, it uses SSA, which means that you just keep inventing names for each result. Now, this will either be a perfect fit for Irken's CPS-based compiler, or it will make it impossible to do. I haven't decided yet.

A long time ago, CPS and SSA were proven to be equivalent. From what I can tell, the compiler world has moved on and pretends that CPS never existed.

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