Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the pattern-matching parser, mostly done

I have a nearly finished python-like-language parser, written using pattern matching.

The lexer is generated as a DFA by parse/lexer.py

The parser tables are generated by a set of tools (including Jason Evans' Parsing.py module) from a simplified version of the Python 1.5.2 Grammar.

The DFA engine is now in a separate file, lib/lexer.scm.

Here's the parser so far.

The lexer tokens are fed through a one-token buffer that generates INDENT and DEDENT tokens when necessary. This is done by the top-level 'parse' function.

Following that are the expr datatypes, print functions, and finally the parsing functions themselves.

Here's a typical parsing function:

(define p-while-stmt
  ;; while_stmt: 'while' test ':' suite ['else' ':' suite]
  (_ test _ (item:nt _ body) (item:nt _ else)) -> (expr:while (p-expr test) (p-suite body) (p-else else))
  x -> (perror "p-while-stmt" x))

Oh, and here's some sample output.

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