Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Status Update

I've spent some time trying to speed up the type solver. My most complicated test is probably 't20.scm', which tests a generated lexer. Since it uses symbols it includes the entire library, including red-black trees.

I was able to trim the type reconstruction down from 50 seconds to about 7. I did this mainly by 'pruning' the set of equations making up a solved type scheme - keeping only those directly or indirectly referenced by the root type variables for the scheme. This seems to have lost me some of the outrageous type specificity, and seems similar to what Pottier's mini-prototype code does.

The 7 seconds for this is actually closer to 3.5s, since I run the typer twice. I think I can live with this speed for a while... that's to compile about 65KB of raw scheme code.

Next up: implement the LR(1) parse engine, then put the file I/O code, lexer, and parser all together for the first time.

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