Thursday, March 17, 2011

self-hosted distribution

I've finally put together a 'real' self-hosted distribution.

The tarball is a little bigger - even though I removed all the python code.  The reason is that I have to distribute a pre-compiled version of self/compile.c so that the compiler can be bootstrapped.

Enjoy, and feedback appreciated.

Here's the text of the README:

This is the initial release of the self-hosted compiler.

It's still in a very unpolished state, but you can use it to bootstrap itself.

Just run the script "util/":

$ python util/

Which does the following:
1) run gcc on the distributed version of self/compile.c
2) this binary will be used to recompile the compiler.
3) that binary will recompile the compiler again.
4) the output from steps 2 and 3 are compared, they should be identical.

If you're happy with the resulting compiler, you can compile an optimized
version of self/compile.c, but be warned - you'll need a lot of memory and
a lot of time.

I am using dragonegg for optimized builds, and that seems to take about a GB
of memory, and 18 minutes to build.  It's important to use '-O2', not '-O',
because '-O' takes 53GB of memory and hours to compile.

Very little documentation exists yet, try 'lang.html' for a brief tutorial.
The best way to get familiar with the language is to read the source code in
the 'self' directory, and browse over the files in "tests".


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